AMG 2015SM W05

Review of W04 Assignments

Assignment 4.0 (group)

CNC Mill 12×6.75″ foam, using peach foam (20lb) for projection mapping screen.

Assignment 4.1 (group)

Produce a storyboard for projection mapping

 Assignment 4.2 (individual)

Screen tracking exercise with your own video

Assignment 4.3 (individual)

Concept animation process

Projection Mapping


Millumin workflow

  • Setup projecting surfaces with shape tool
  • Dropping movies into the timeline

Library creation 1.5 Hour

For your library, create 20 short loops for projection mapping.

Midterm Discussion for W7

  1. 1 Concept Animation with motion tracking and exploded axonometric
  2. Movie Quote Animation
  3. Projection mapping – bigger screen
  4. New concept animation

Space curation for midterm

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