AMG 2015SM W01


Self-Introductions + Presentation of your own vision

Website Setup

  • Go to
  • Click on “Sign Up Now”
  • Input Username / Password / Confirm Password / Email Address / Check on Legal Flotsam
  • Check on “Just a username, Please.”
  • Send blank Email to “”
  • You will soon receive an invitation to ACCDENV.WORDPRESS.COM

  • Now you are on WordPress.
  • Go to Dashboard, and to “Pages”, NOT “Posts”
  • Create a new Page with title “Your Name AMG 2015SM″
  • Upload a Test Image.
  • Make sure you set “Parent” to “AMG 2015SM W01 Student Works”

After Effects Keyframe Animation Tutorial 01

Download a package here

  • Create an Illustrator file (DV 1080p – 1920px x 1080px)
  • In After Effects, import the AI file as a composition retain layer size
  • Animate with Keyframes
  • Easy Ease and Graph Editor
  • Exporting Setting

Storyboarding a 30 second Concept animation



Concept Animation Precedents

Pideo App- Jelio Dimitrov

Japan Strange Country – Kenichi


Assignment 1.0 – Mt. Mograph Tutorial

Assignment 1.1 – 2D Concept Animation Storyboard

Complete 30-frame storyboard for your animation.

Printed / drawn on 11×17″ sheet.

Assignment 1.1 – 2D Concept Animation First Draft

Pick 1 project, from previous term, and create a 10-15 of 30 second animation for your concept.


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