DL03 2015 SM W03

Student Presentation:

  • W02 Annie – BIG / Air+port
  • W03 Jean – OMA / Seattle Library

Review of W02 Assignments

Assignment 2.0

  1. Create a daily object using the technique you learned in the class

Assignment 2.1

  1. Edit your field image in Photoshop for inspiration.
  2. Print it out on 10×10″ paper, and mount it on foamcore.

Assignment 2.2

  1. Create cardboard stack model from Assignment 2.0 model.
  2. Bring the model to next class.
  3. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to your page.

Mapping Time – Slide

Illustrator Tutorial 01

  • Quantifying objects
  • Linear timeline
  • Scale

Illustrator tutorial 02

  • Time Diagram
  • Using align tools and rotation tools, create guides for quantity and measure.  Use the guide as a locked layer, to start adding some information.



Discussion session

  • How to map concept f time?
  • Time as linear concept or non linear concept?
  • X-Axis = time
  • Y-Axis = quantifiable number
  • Insert important events with pictogram


LAB session

  • Layout basic timeline
  • Sketch out events

Assignment 3.0

Mapping time (Print @ 22×17″(double 11×17″) color )

  • Go to Wikipedia and find a quantifiable data
  • Create a time diagram based on the information
  • Be precise about numbers, and proportional representation of the quantity
  • In a clear graphics, explain what triggered a major change in numbers
  • The important question is, by mapping this instance, what are you trying to reveal?

Assignment 3.1

Tracing Diagram  (Print @ 11×17 color)

Pick a page from Information Graphics book, and trace exactly the same way.

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