DL03 2015 SM W06

Assignment 5.0

  • Create 4 to 6 frame diagrams for your ENV project.
  • Upload PDF to your page of the site, you don’t have to print.
  • You will each present your conceptual diagram on projector at beginning of next class.

Assignment 5.1

  • Do a stencil spray paint of your friend’s face.
  • You can handcut or lasercut stencil frame

Lecture on program + circulation diagram


Programmatic Diagram Past Examples

Programmatic diagram demo on Rhino

  • Axonometric / Perspective / Planometric / Sectional
  • Representation of surrounding condition
  • Exploded and coded
  • Illustrator lineweights
  • Annotations

Sketch Exercise (45 minutes) + Pinup

For next week:

  • Print board mockup @ 22×34″ (tile of 11×17″)

Midterm Deliverables for ENV3

Integrate diagrams from this class in presentation

  • Site diagrams x3
  • Conceptual frames
  • Programmatic diagram

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