Michelle Sugeng_DL3

Prada LA presentation

prada presentation

Assignment 1.0                 Pictograms  (Girl Selfie Facial Expressions)


Assignment 1.2                 A diagram of you

MichelleSugeng Me Diagram

Assignment 2                 Site Diagram


city scale siteurban map

Assignment 2.2                Tracing Diagram

DL3 Trace hw

Assignment 3.0                 Timeline Diagram

Kit kat timeline

Assignment 3.1                 Tracing Diagram

hw trace circle

Assignment 4.2                 Self Portrait

face michelle

Assignment 4.0                 God of Love

god of love

Assignment 5.0                 Concept Diagram


Assignment 5.1                 Stencil


Assignment 6.0                 Program and Circulation

Issey Programmatic diagram midterm

Midterm BoardMidterm boards (1)

Assignment 7.0                Movie Diagram

The Professional Diagram

Assignment 7.0                 Operative Diagram for Facade

Facade operative diagram

Assignment 8.0                Refined Operative Diagram for Facade

Facade operative diagram2

Assignment 9.0                 Section Perspective

tilted section perspective floorplan

Assignment 11.0               Material Diagram

Material section perspective-01

Guestroom Final Board

Guestroom Final Board

Assignment 12.0              Exploded Axonometric


Assignment 12.1               Surprise Me!


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