DP02 SM2015 Week02

Assignment 1.0

Read Stan Allen’s  Object to Field

Assignment 1.1

Collect 10 images that represent Allen’s field condition.  Do not google image.  Go out and take photos by yourself.

Assignment 1.2

Show me your Rhino skill.  Model something in the world.

Mafoombey / Martti Kalliala, Esa Ruskeepaa, with Martin Lukasczyk, 2005

Example on stacking architecture:


3. Form making exercise

  • Object size 10″x4″x10″
  • Additive methodology by EdgeSrf command
  • Subtractive method by Boolean Difference command

4. Stacking with Project Command

Measure your material thickness with caliper.

Material = corrugated cardboard

  1. After creating base form @10x4x10″ (make sure the form is closed PolySrf)
  2. Make the tile is facing the front view
  3. In front view, draw a horizontal line that runs bigger than the tile
  4. Copy the horizontal line to Z direction at increment of thickness of material (0.25″)
  5. In front view project lines to the form
  6. On top view, shift each sections to avoid intersection
  7. Apply “ProjectToCplane” command to flatten on CPlane
  8. Keep track of order and add labels.
  9. Layout the cutting object to 32×18″ laser cutter bed
  10. There is a directionality to corrugated cardboard

Assignment 2.0

  1. Create a daily object using the technique you learned in the class

Assignment 2.1

  1. Edit your field image in Photoshop for inspiration.
  2. Print it out on 10×10″ paper, and mount it on foamcore.

Assignment 2.2

  1. Create cardboard stack model from Assignment 2.0 model.
  2. Bring the model to next class.
  3. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to your page.


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