DP02 SM2015 Week01

1 Overview of Class Outline and Syllabus

DP02 class concept slide
2 Self Re-Introductions

3 Website (for those who didn’t take DP01)

  • Go to http://www.wordpress.com
  • Click on “Sign Up Now”
  • Input Username / Password / Confirm Password / Email Address / Check on Legal Flotsam
  • Check on “Just a username, Please.”
  • Send blank Email to “yodesignlab@gmail.com”
  • You will soon receive an invitation to ACCDENV.WORDPRESS.COM

  • Now you are on WordPress.
  • Go to Dashboard, and to “Pages”, NOT “Posts”
  • Create a new Page with title “Your Name DP01″
  • Upload a Test Image.
  • Make sure you set “Parent” to “ DP02 Spring 2012 Student Works”

5 Rhinoceros Useful Commands

  • Viewport navigation
  • Shaded modes
  • Select objects
  • Move objects
  • Copy objects
  • Undo a mistake
  • Rotate objects
  • Scale Objects
  • Mirror
  • Extrude a curve to make a surface
  • Revolve a curve around an axis
  • Loft a surface through curves
  • Sweep a curve along a single rail curve

5 Exercise Model

Download exercise model here

When done with exercise, please render objects with V-Ray and upload them to your page.

6 Field Condition Lecture

Download lecture PDF here

Assignment 1.0

Read Stan Allen’s  Object to Field

Assignment 1.1

Collect 10 images that represent Allen’s field condition.  Do not google image.  Go out and take photos by yourself.

Assignment 1.2

Show me your Rhino skill.  Model something in the world.

Assignment 1.3

Finish in-class exercise model, render views and upload images on the website.

Upload those 10 images to the site.

You will be presenting conceptual logic for your field images in wk2.

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