Day 2 Laser Cutting

1. Case Study – Honeycomb Structure

Dragonfly / Emergent Tom Wiscombe

Manifold / Andrew Kudless

2. Case Study 2 – Eggcrate

Swoosh Pavilion / A A School

J. Mayer H. Architects / Metropol Parasol

2. Case Study 3 – Facets

Blow x Blow / Deegan Day Design

4. Honeycomb Making

  1. Smooth Surface Making
    1. Object size 10″x4″x10″
    2. EdgeSrf Smooth
    3. EdgeSrf Facet
    4. Sweep 1 Command + RebuildSrf
  2. Grid Making
    1. Line reform
    2. Rectangle edit
    3. Try your own
  3. Projecting and Unfolding
    1. Project the grid line to surface in front view
    2. Copy the projected grid to X direction by 1″
    3. Loft individual lines
    4. Check surface direction with “dir” command
  4. Unfolding
    1. UnrollSrf
    2. Keep track of position
    3. Make2D, define cut line and fold line.
    4. Label each piece and group
    5. Print the sheet for reference.

5. Egg-crate Making

  1. Projecting
    1. Create following Layers
    2. Form
    3. X
    4. Y
    5. Final Cut
    6. Intersection
    7. Scale your model to make your longest edge 12″
    8. On X layer, draw a line in X direction that cut across the model.  Offset the line by 1″ until the grid covers all.  Do the same for Y direction as well.
    9. Make “X” layer active.  Project X grid to the form.  Run “PlanarSrf” command to convert the crv into Surface (fins).  Hide all the construction crvs by running “SelCrv” and “Hide” commands.
    10. Make “Y” layer active.  Project Y grid to the form.Run “PlanarSrf” command to convert the crv into Surface (fins).  Hide all the construction crvs by running “SelCrv” and “Hide” commands.
    11. On “Form” layer, draw a middle line.
    12. Make “X” layer active.  Create 1/16″x20″x20″ box (Notch object).  Grab middle point of the box, and copy to every intersection.  Do the same for “Y”.
    13. Only show “X” Layer.  Run “Split ” command.
    14. Object to split = fins
    15. Cutting object = notches
    16. Delete notch, and gutter.  Repeat 8-9 for “Y” layer.
  1. 2DLayout
    1. Select a section and run “make 2D” command / current view.
    2. Label each with easily identifiable code.
    3. Create a Bounding box of 32×18″.
    4. Layout your sections inside of bounding box.
    5. Export to Illustrator with 1:1 scale.

6. Facets Fabrication

  1. Draw some 2D triangles
  2. Run “PlanarSrf” command to make surface
  3. Select all faces except for one, and run “rotate 3D” on desired edge
  4. Repeat this process until you get the form
  5. Draw a triangle connecting peak of concave corners, and Planar Srf
  6. Scale the new center triangle to 10%.
  7. Unroll main facets, and label accordingly.
  8. Unroll Center pieces, and label accordingly

when finished making,


7. Notes

Discuss what methodology is the most appropriate for your project

Discuss scale with Dan and Penny.  Full size vs scaled model.

Material example

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