Pacific Rim 2014

Art Center + Tamabi Pacific Rim 2012 Fall

Digital Fabrication Workshop


This 3-day workshop covers basic skills for digital fabrications, using rapid prototyping techniques. Modelmaking has always been an important skill set as a designer. The process of model making helps designers understand their ideas as well as communicating with clients.
The computerization in design process has been shifting from 2D CAD to 3D modeling. Exporting complex 3D CAD design to physical model is a very important skill in the design industry. This 3-day workshop will cover lasercutting, CNC milling, and 3D printing. Each session is composed of short lecture, tutorial, and production. Workshop will be conducted as group work with Art Center and Tamabi students mixed. A presentation session will be on the last day.


Tuesday October 23
(Pacific Rim Midterm)
Wednesday October 24
Session 1 Lasercutting (3 hours)
Students will learn to model folded honecomb structure, and create model using laser-cut museum board.
Sample project: Dragonfly by Emergent

Thursday, October 25
Session 2 (3 hours) CNC Milling

Basic modeling and file preparation is lectured followed by brief lecture on design projects with CNC Milling technique.
Sample project: snøhetta: norwegian wild reindeer centre pavilion


Friday, October 26
Session 3 (3 hours) 3D Printing

Polygonal modeling will be covered in this session as well as file preparation for 3D printing.
Sample project: Furniture by Zaha Hadid
Saturday, October 26
Presentation Session (2 hours)

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