Day 1 CNC

01 Rhinoceros Useful Commands

  • Viewport navigation
  • Shaded modes
  • Select objects
  • Move objects
  • Copy objects
  • Undo a mistake
  • Rotate objects
  • Scale Objects
  • Mirror
  • Extrude a curve to make a surface
  • Revolve a curve around an axis
  • Loft a surface through curves
  • Sweep a curve along a single rail curve

02 CNC Case Study

Snohetta / Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion

Zaha Hadid CNC milled counter

3  CNC Milling Guideline

  • Simple file creation
  • Size 240x180x50mm
  • 4 blocks per mill
  • Exporting STL file

4 Discussion Session for what type of milling to create

  • Positive / Negative
  • Pattern
  • Texture
  • A part of the form
  • Overall proportion

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