SR SM2014 W02

Review of W01 Assignments

Assignment 1.0 – Precedents Research (10-page pdf digital)

Put together a 10-page slide show of existing store research, and make sure you include following info:

  • Site location and how design respond to site context
  • Brand analysis
  • Overall concept of the store
  • Spatial / programmatic organization
  • Strategy analysis on design (form / material / color / fixture / circulation)

Assignment 1.1 – Brand Exploration (10-page pdf digital)

Present information about the brand:

  • History
  • Designer
  • Concept
  • Locations

 Assignment 1.2 – Brand Abstract (one 11×17 sheet)

Draw a diagram or painting that reflects the key value of the brand.  It needs to be an abstract interpretation.



  • Site Diagrams

    • Big – Global / City Scale
    • Medium – City / Neighborhood Scale
    • Small – Building / Block Scale


  • Target Demographics

    • Who are the users?  Age / Gender / Occupation / Income
    • What are their behavior?
    • What makes your target users different from other brand’s?
    • Why this target user group is appropriate for your brand?


Fashion Operation Exercise


  • printing
  • pleating
  • folding
  • draping
  • weaving
  • Scoring
  • Layering
  • Ting

Assignment 2.0 (four 11×17″ sheets)

Site Diagram (Observation + Analysis)

  • Create 3 separate site diagrams with 3 different of information.
  • 1 Urban Scale
  • 1 Block Scale
  • 1 Building Scale
  • Create a new diagram(s) based on readings of your research diagrams
  • Address all the important issues related to your project (at least 4+)
  • Represent them in a sigle diagram or separate diagrams

Target User Diagram (Observation + Analysis)

Assignment 2.1 (five 11×17″ sheets)

Fashion operation boards

  • Pick 5 iconic garments from your designer
  • On base photo layer, add your analysis of how the garment was produced
  • Add sketching to the sheet

For Next Week:

*Bring 5 materials each for study models.  Go to SCI-Arc store and fashion district, and find materials that will be useful for fashion operations.

  • Steel mesh
  • Foam
  • PVC sheet
  • Chipboard
  • Museum board
  • Fabric

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