Grammy Lobby W09


Midterm Feedback (Bob’s response)

He loves the idea of a large video wall that can be used to play a welcome video

He also likes the stage, the wall in front of the Clive Davis elevator, the red carpet, and the ambiances created throughout the four presentations

He would like any seating in the lobby to be modular and easy to split up and move out if we need to accommodate large crowds

He is interested in seeing more with the apps

He likes the idea of turning the existing box office into a display window, though we may need to only feature interesting interactives there and not actual artifacts due to the direct sunlight exposure

He also wanted the students to consider this question: If you were transported to our lobby and weren’t told where you were, how would you know you were at the GRAMMY Museum?

We also met with our security team and they had only one primary concern. It is their preference that the ultimate box office design has the ability to be secured by a closed area so that the cash register isn’t in reach of visitors.

On the elevator flipping, what does he think?  Is there a possibility or he thinks it’s impossible. Totally impossible (way too expensive and intensive) but he loves the idea.



  • Earlier Groups

    • Plugging In
    • Concealing and Revealing
    • Visualize Music
    • Glimpse
  • New Groups

    • Design Group A
    • Design Group B
    • APP Group

Group Specific Task Discussion

  • Group Leader / Project Manager
  • Concept
  • Form
  • Fixtures
  • Wayfinding
  • Program
  • Lighting / Ambient
  • Materials
  • Detail / Drawing Package


  • W 9  11/4
    • Midterm Recap
    • New Group
  • W10  11/11 – Veterans Day, School is closed
    • Meet at Yo’s house
  • W11  11/18
    • Design Pinup
    • Technical package discussion with Project Designer from Grammy
    • Promotional package discussion with Social Media person from Grammy
  • W12  11/25
    • Group Meeting
  • W13  12/2
    • Design review with AC faculty
  • W14  12/9

For W10

  • New Concept Statement + Diagram
  • Programmatic / System Diagram
  • Design Strategy
  • Schedule / Tasks / Responsibilities
  • Form Explorations – 10 Iterations Physical model @ 1/8″=1′




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