Grammy Lobby W05

Review of W04 Assignments

1 Review summary and design direction (one 11×17″ printed)

Summarize the input from the client and think about general design direction.  

2 Post at least 5 inspirations to pinterest page.

3 “Surface” study models

Create 4×4 tile of surface form study, using lasercutting, CNC, 3D printing, or vacuum forming.


Design Team Discussion

  1. Interactive
  2. Projection Mapping / Environmental Graphics
  3. Digital Fabrication and Form
  4. Illumination

Interactive Design Lecture by Ken


Concept and Direction

  1. Abstraction of Music
  2. Teaser of the Museum
  3. Functional Optimization
  4. Ambient Environment

Conceptual Diagram


How to tell a simple story through technique of simple cartoon?  In 2 to 4 frames, visually tell the story about your project (concept statement) in a straightforward way.


 Assignment 5.0 Design Concept Diagram

Pitch a design concept per group using concept diagram

Assignment 5.1 Technology / Methodology

Research a technology / Methodology that your team want to pursue.

Assignment 5.2 Study Models (10 per group)

12″x12″x12 (@1″ = 1’=0″) models to show various spatial experience in line with your concept.

Floor / Wall / Ceiling


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