Grammy Lobby W03


Review of W2 Assignments

Assignment 2.1 (Group)

Precedent Study

  • 3 buildings per group
  • 1 building needs to be from LA, and visit
  • Standard Hotel / Hammer / LACMA / Getty
    • 1. Separation: (arrival, attractors, facade, branding, ext sign)
      2. Connection: (lobby services, information, transition from city/exterior to interior)
      3. Preparation: (wayfinding, mood, ritual, interaction, circulation)
      4. Resolution: (departure, services, wayfinding, feedback, lasting impressions, delivery to city)

Assignment 2.2 (Individual)

  • Pick a Grammy Award winner musician
  • Do a research of the musician
  • Pick a song
  • Create an abstraction of the sound that represents the musician’s world and sound
  • Out put as one of the following:
    • Painting
    • Sculpture
    • Collage
    • 3D Model
    • Motion Graphics
    • Infographic


Assignment 2.0 (Group)

Revise W1 Research according to review.

Point of View


Discussion on POV

Presentation Strategy

Presentation Medium

  • Slide Projection
  • Printouts


  • Introduction
  • Site / Macro
  • Precedents / Arrival Experience
  • Site / Micro
  • Environmental Graphics / Wayfinding
  • Music Inspiration
  • Summary / POV

Space Curation

Research Presentation

Tuesday, September 30 10:30@TBD

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