Grammy Lobby W01


10:00 at Grammy Museum Lobby

  • Tour of the museum
  • Meeting at the lobby
  • Presentation + self introductions
  • Research group assignment
  • Stay at museum to start research project


Initial Research Due W02

Color print all unless specified otherwise:


Group A – Site Documentation (3 Students)

  • Site Photos
  • Height Measurement and Elevations
  • Site Model in Rhino (Share on Dropbox)
  • Physical model @ 1/8” = 1’-0”


Group B – Site Mapping (3 Students)

  • Urban Site Diagram – Locating the site
  • LA Live Mapping
  • Visitor Demographics Study (Day / Night)
  • Exhibition Mapping of the Museum
  • Circulation Study of Surrounding Area
  • Circulation Study Inside of the Museum
  • Other Site Related Research


Group C – Meeting Summary (3 Students)

  • Notes from the tour
  • Visual Diagram of Codes and Site Limitations
    • LA Live Street Zoning
    • Safety Regulations
    • HVAC
    • Structural Wall Callouts
  • What can be touched / what cannot be touched
  • Existing issues
  • Clients’ desire


Group D – Environmental Graphics Research (2 Students)

  • Existing signage from Grammy Museum
  • Way Finding System Research
  • Precedents from other space
  • Analysis of how graphic system works
  • Source books / magazines and links on environmental graphics


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