Austin Yang SD

  1.       What aspect of your project was working positively, and why?

Overall there is a great amount of information was presented.The observation and analysis diagram is nice.  They also like the trees I did in the analysis diagram.

2. What area of your work needs improvement?

Lacking of specificity with the icons. Concept diagram is a little confuse by itself, maybe can also effect the operative diagram.

3. Based on critique, how do you improve your approach toward diagramming?

Can bring more emotional attachment.  Be more careful in selecting colors.

4. Is there particular kind of diagram you want to learn in the second half?

Experience Diagram. Construction Diagram


week 11:

chair axon

week 10.1:



week 10:

section view

week 9.1:

city of god

week 9:


week 8:

Operative diagram

week 7:


week 6:


week 5:

week 5 homework 01

week 5 homework 012

week 5 homework 013

week 5 homework 014

week 5 homework 015

week 5 homework 016

week 5 homework 017

week 5 homework 018

week 5 homework 019

week 5 homework 0110

week 4 god of love1.2

屏幕快照 2014-04-05 上午11.50.20

week 3:

sun site week 5修改-01sun section 2-01111111-011111111-01plan 1.3-0111-01


week 2.2 Time diagram

 屏幕快照 2014-04-05 下午12.05.32

week 2.1 trace



week one 1.1

week one 1.1

week one 1.2

week one 1.2

sunday   This is Sunday!!!

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