SD 2014SP Week 11

Assignment 10.0

  • 1 Section Perspective

Assignment 10.1

  • 1 Plan drawing

Exploded Axonometric

download demo file here

Files #2

Animation Demo File


  • Download Slides Here
  • Roundtable discussion on drawing type
  • Perspective view vs planometric view
  • Angle to be seen

Lab Session:

  • Presentation strategy
  • What to use, what not to keep
  • How to improve your past diagrams

Design Lab 3 Deliverable for the final presentation

  • Program and Circulation
  • Exploded axonometric of the entire building
  • Section perspective of entire building
  • Scaled plan drawing (not plan render)
  • Updated movie diagram
  • Surprise me!

Assignment 11.0

  • Exploded axonometric

Assignment 11.1

  • Print all of the updated drawings and bring them to class for desk crit.

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