SD 2014SP Week 09

Student presentation:

BIG / Air+Port – Michael

HdeM / Beijing Olympic Stadium – Haena

Film diagram discussion:


  • Inception
  • City of God
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Die Hard

Post midterm discussion

  1. What aspect of your project was working positively, and why?
  2. What area of your work needs improvement?
  3. Based on critique, how do you improve your approach toward diagramming?
  4. Is there particular kind of diagram you want to learn in the second half?

Lecture on program + circulation diagram


Download Program Dia Slides here 

Download Circulation Dia Slides here 

Programmatic diagram demo on Rhino

  • Axonometric vs Perspective vs Plan vs Section
  • Representation of surrounding condition
  • Exploded and coded
  • Illustrator lineweights
  • Annotations



Assignment 9.0

Create a Program and Circulation diagram.

Assignment 9.1

Finish your movie diagram and print it on 24×36″ paper, mounted.

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