Grad Portfolio 2014SP Week04

Review of W03 Assignments

Assignment 3.0

Find a benchmark precedent website, and present it to the class.

Assignment 3.1

Update Mockup on two 11×17″ sheets printed

Assignment 3.2

Create a sample project page for one project

Research Diagram




Illustrator tutorial 01

  • Basic navigation
  • Fill and Stroke
  • Primitives
  • Pathfinder
  • Align
  • Back vs front

Illustrator tutorial 02

  • Time Diagram
  • Using align tools and rotation tools, create guides for quantity and measure.  Use the guide as a locked layer, to start adding some information.



Assignment 4.0

Create research diagrams for a project to support relevant argument

Assignment 4.1

  • Scan a page from Information Graphics book.
  • Trace a page using Adobe Illustrator
  • Print @ 11×17″

Next Week:

Operable Diagram to show design process


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