Grad Portfolio 2014SP Week03

Review of W03 Assignment

Assignment 2.0  Objective

Based on Job Objective Worksheet, create a 11×17″ horizontal format diagram, with all the answers to the worksheet.

Assignment 2.1  Grand Design


Create a draft mockup of your portfolio, using two 11×17″ sheet.

  • Be media specific
  • Menu structure and contents
  • Include list of project
  • A note of how each project is contributing to showcase skills and design sensibility
  • Sequencing and order

Website Structure

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 10.34.13 PM

Menu Structure



Web Templates


Lecture on Strategy 02


Assignment 3.0

Find a benchmark precedent website, and present it to the class.

Assignment 3.1

Update Mockup on two 11×17″ sheets printed

Assignment 3.2

Create a sample project page for one project

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