Grad Portfolio 2014SP Week02

Review of W01 Assignments

Assignment 1.0 – Dream Job

  • Pick 1 firm that you would like to work for
  • Present a few project of the firm in terms of scale, design style, and
  • Look for job description if they have openings, and think about how your skill and vision can contribute to the team.
  • Put together a 10-20 page pdf presentation and upload it on the website

Assignment 1.1 – Understanding Yourself

Based on the pinup, write a 200-word paragraph, explaining who you are as a designer.

Lecture on Strategy


  • Q1. How many portfolios do you see on average per month, or per year?
  • Q2. What advice would you offer to a designer when creating their portfolio? Or when presenting it?
  • Q3.  What do you look for in a design
  • Q4.   How many pieces would you say make the perfect portfolio?
  • Q5.  What kind of projects should be included in, or excluded from, the portfolio?

Job Objective Worksheet

Copy and paste the following list and fill each answer(45 minutes).

  • Name
  • What is your Goal? (Answer last)
  • What is your dream company, and what kind of projects do they produce?
  • What is your starting position at the firm?
  •  How does your current skills can contribute to the firm at the initial position?
  • What kind of skills are lacking from your current portfolio?
  • What kind of skills and experiences do you want to gain from the firm in 3 years?
  • How do you think the future employer should view your portfolio?

Lecture Relationships and Hierarchy Diagram

20121007170154911 copy

Download Slide

Assignment 2.0  Objective

Based on Job Objective Worksheet, create a 11×17″ horizontal format diagram, with all the answers to the worksheet.

Assignment 2.1  Grand Design



Create a draft mockup of your portfolio, using two 11×17″ sheet.

  • Be media specific
  • Menu structure and contents
  • Include list of project
  • A note of how each project is contributing to showcase skills and design sensibility
  • Sequencing and order

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