Shuning Li GP

I was born in Inner Mongolia, China. From a very small age, I loves to doodle on scraps of paper. I loved traditional Chinese folk arts, especially paper cutting. Between five and eighteen I studied the basics drawing and traditional Chinese painting. I enjoy collecting. I have collected a great number of things, such as, stamps, pencil sharpeners, cigarette lighters, logos from clothing. I began to study design in college when I was eighteen. I enjoy the lifestyle of LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability). As a product designer, I always try to incorporate LOHAS’s lifestyle into my design. I’m passionate about brand concept. I believe every successful brand has its own unique personality. As a spacial designer, I always try to tailor the best suit for each different branding retail space or event. I’m also a faithful person for art, who respect and get inspired from the nature all the time. I try to use Rhino and Grasshopper as tools, through the use of different material and fabrication way, tend to bring the organic forms into the decoration, achieving the harmony between the natural and the artificial worlds in my own design.


  • Name: Shuning Li
  • What is your Goal? (Answer last)
  1. As a designer work for a design company few years
  2. Hold my own business
  3. Be a professor
  4. Travel most of interesting places in the world
  5. Be together with my family
  • What is your dream company, and what kind of projects do they produce?

Gensler is one of my dream company.  They have architecture, interior design, urban design and planning, strategic consulting, graphic services. Most of them projects are very commercial, produce always from client’s needs.

  • What is your starting position at the firm?

I am going to start with junior designer

  •  How does your current skills can contribute to the firm at the initial position?

First of all, I can use basic programs like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Rhino&Grasshopper. Secondly, I have knowledge of  spatial design and I’m still have fresh thinking.

  • What kind of skills are lacking from your current portfolio?

Architecture sketches,  Revit(learning), 3D studio

  • What kind of skills and experiences do you want to gain from the firm in 3 years?

Participate in some real projects, and get familiar with the real design processes. Learn how to manage a whole project. Learn better communicating skills use for different client.

  • How do you think the future employer should view your portfolio?

My portfolio can show my skills and my personality of design.

Assignment Week2

shuning landscape-01


Assignment 3.0



shuning WEEK5


shuning week5 4.1

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