Rachel Cohn GP

Assignment 1.0

I consider myself to be a multi-disciplinary designer whose style is always driven by narrative.  I’m interested in set designing, but my architectural and environmental background gives me a unique point of view in entertainment.  No matter the project, whether it environmental, architectural, or filmic, I tell a story visually.  I always allow the viewer or character to guide my design choices.  Writing is a huge part of my design process and before I work in three dimensions, I craft a written narrative of the viewer’s experience and use that as my guide for a spatial design.  I strive to exist at the intersection of designing and hands-on making.  I love three-dimensional fabrication, both modeling and large scale building, but would not want to only exist in that world—I aim to find a happy medium between designing and actually fabricating those designs.  I tend to be attracted to things that have an element of personality and sense of humor to them.  For set designing, I aim to capture a character’s personality through the space and its decoration.  Overall, as a designer, I like designs that are intellectually compelling, but are more fun visually.

Assignment 1.1

Rachel Cohn_Glenda Rovello Presentation

Job Objective Worksheet

What is your Goal? (Answer last)

My goal is to design sets for a long running television show.  I think that tv shows, rather than films, allow for deeper character analysis and development, which I would like to depict in their environments.  I would like to find a way that I can both design the sets, but also create smaller props.  I would like to find someone who I can learn from and work for on many different projects who encourages my opinions and allows me to collaborate.

What is your dream company, and what kind of projects do they produce?

My dream is to work for an established production designer who works on television shows.  They produce spatial set designs, interior designs, and prop fabrication.

What is your starting position at the firm?

My starting position is to assist with entry level tasks—creating models, helping gather props, and contributing to and executing a vision.

How does your current skills can contribute to the firm at the initial position?

Through my education I have a lot of technical skills both digitally and analog.  I can do quick computer mock-ups with 3D modeling software, render, collage, and create presentations.  I can also build hand models and draw technically.

What kind of skills are lacking from your current portfolio?

I’m lacking process information.  I need to do a better job showing how I go from my initial vision in my mind to the final model and drawings.  I don’t have great sketching skills, so I would like to find a way to showcase my best sketches or find a way that I can compensate for that.

What kind of skills and experiences do you want to gain from the firm in 3 years?

I would like to learn the overall design process.  All of the examples of set designs that I am most attracted to have many layers of information and I most want to learn how all of those parts come together and who contributes which elements.  There are many different tracks that production designers can take and I would like to help with each element to see which one is the best fit for me in the long run.  I would also like to learn how to pitch ideas for jobs most effectively.  There is a fine line between showing too much and not showing enough for a pitch and I would like to learn how to navigate that situation.

How do you think the future employer should view your portfolio?

Storytelling is a huge part of television and film as well as in my design process.  I would like to present my work as an effective narrative guiding the employer on a journey rather than just presenting individual components of a project.  Telling a visual story is incredibly important in the type of work that I want to do so being able to express that through my portfolio will help set me apart from other candidates.

Assignment 2.0

rachel cohn_infographic

Assignment 2.1

photo 1 photo 2

Assignment 3.0


Assignment 3.1

photo Website Home Screen

Assignment 3.2

Website Interior Page Website Interior Page2 Website Interior Page3

Assignment 4.0

Public Eye Project Diagram

Assignment 4.1

Illustrator Exercise

Post Midterm Questionnaire

rachel cohn_post midterm questionnaire



Final Submission

Rachel Cohn_Business Card Back Rachel Cohn_Business Card Front



Grad Show Slideshow

Grad Show Exhibit

Thank you so much for everything! Still going to ask for feedback on site and pdf as they are still a work in progress!

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