Kristina Jesena GP

Pictures From Grad Show:

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Assignment 4.1

Copy of Infographic from the big infographic book


Assignment 4.0

infographic for daily grind project

Assignment 2.1

photo (1) photoAssignment 2.0 diagram 

Assignment 1.0

I grew up in Pasadena, California and as a teenager I spent much time admiring the architectural kaleidoscope that is Los Angeles and absorbing the contradictions of such a unique city. My passion for the arts and architecture led me to UC Davis where I studied Landscape Architecture and Fine Arts. I spent my junior year studying sustainable systems and design in Northern Europe from bike infrastructure to green roofs.  I have been dedicated to the study of public spatial design, more specifically on community outdoor public space. As a designer, I have been committed to the creation of meaningful spaces and products. I am a multi-disciplined designer with the technical ability and desire to tackle varied projects. Whether I am designing furniture or architectural environments, my design approach begins with a sensitive understanding of the user. Throughout a design’s realization, I like to craft a richness that flows through from form to function. I aspire to always create something that is grounded in meaning, while always pushing a passionate stance that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’s lives.


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