Kellene Kaas GP



Week 03 Websites of Interest:

Website Layout Concept:


Inforgraphic: Skill Set



  • Name: 

Kellene Kaas

  • What is your Goal? (Answer last):

I hope that I can eventually get a job that didn’t actually feel like a job because I enjoyed what I was doing. My dream studio and job, would be work intensive and rewarding, but would also allow me sometime to pursue my hobbies. Happiness and a relatively low level of stress would be a dream.

  • What is your dream company, and what kind of projects do they produce?:

My dream company is one that has a wide range of disciplines that they work within, as well as are inspired by. Ideally, the studio incorporates comprehensive, captivating and experimental concept ideas, strong use and understanding of materials, and a dynamic use of installation art, to develop an overall memorable user experience. The studio would produce projects in the fields of event design, branded and styled experiences, fashion, and concept design work. It is also key for the studio to be small to medium in its employee size, as well as having one ore more office locations.

  • What is your starting position at the firm?

I would be willing to start at the internship level, with minimum pay, in order to work my way up the levels of design decision making and responsibility. Ideally though, I would hope to get a starting position as a junior designer.

  •  How do your current skills contribute to the firm at the initial position?

I have a interesting range of skills and interests, such as a desire for material experimentation and manipulation, interest in digital process and fabrication experimentation, and ability to work effectively in groups or collaboratively.

  • What kind of skills are lacking from your current portfolio?

I definitely need to be able to show a level of completeness, in addition to conveying the design concept, reasoning, and narrative. My love of storytelling and narrative design is pretty much non-existent in my current portfolio.

  • What kind of skills and experiences do you want to gain from the firm in 3 years?

I really want real world project experience; to be able to show a range of different projects that are visually stimulating and show a strong concept/narrative design. I also would love to be able to have gained an interesting network and business/client experience.

  • How do you think the future employer should view your portfolio?

I would hope they would have an open mind and appreciation of my design process.

Personal Design Profile:

As a designer, I am most inspired and drawn to the experimentation and manipulation of materials. Turning the basics of a sheet of paper, the grotesqueness of a cigarette filter, or fibers of yarn, into an experiential experience at the human scale is key to my design asthetic. Supported, but not limited by an education in Architecture and Environmental Design, I am driven by the desire to create poetic and imaginative user experiences, from the overall concept to the finite details, especially in the fields of retail design, exhibition design, spatial and event styling. I love creating narratives that incorporate all the senses: visual and tactile textures, power of aroma, imagination, etc. Working from sketched conception (pen, watercolor, collage, model making), to digital development (Rhino, Illustrator, Photoshop), to final fabrication (laser cutting, CNC, knitting, weaving), I am comfortable working in different medias and areas of design.






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