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business card : jae sun lim

resume: jaesun lim resume

website : jaelim.com

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Assignment 4.0

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Week 3 diagram

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j 1

  • Name : Jae Lim
  • What is your Goal? (Answer last)

Diverse skills and better marketing ideas from the work experience.

  • What is your dream company, and what kind of projects do they produce?

Coca-Cola Design department (Global design team), This team does that overall design marketing to enhance brand equity and attributes.  It is a mixture of graphic, technical, environments and event designs etc.   Based on my research so far, it produces mainly branded event, and advertising with some agencies or without them.  Sometimes individual designer participates in projects.  The projects I searched were more experience focused events.

   What is your starting position at the firm?

I am not sure about how they set up for the team and position. The firm offers a job based on its status; whether a seat is empty or not. I assume that the position structure is team oriented, whose individual designer are from different backgrounds.

  •  How do your current skills can contribute to the firm at the initial position? Diverse education backgrounds and interest in diverse design field can contribute to the team.  This is because it is not only creating a space; Projects should me oriented for package, ad, event, videos….
  • What kind of skills are lacking from your current portfolio?  Branding experiences and showing practical points are missing.
  • What kind of skills and experiences do you want to gain from the firm in 3 years?

Since they are doing projects with people from various fields, I think I will have many chances to learn other design skills beyond it, I will see different thoughts and opinions.  It will give some skill to manage project which different felid designers are participated in.  If I keep this work path, brand event design, it will be helpful to know overall system.

  • How do you think the future employer should view your portfolio?

I hope that they see me as a designer who has diverse work skill.

Week 2 

Dream job  :   Jae Lim week 2 presentaion

Personal statement :

I believe that design is another language, so I see myself as a translator who translates something to spaces, experiences and forms. All designers have different point of views to deal with the subject and the way to translate it.  Translating a brand to its spatial experience is always my interest.  My way to do it is keeping simple, strong and clear voice. To be specific, I would like to analyze a main brand core and creating an simple and impactful experience. Simple does not mean that it is not thoughtful; I believe it can be stronger. Even my design form languages have a tendency to have strong and energetic energy.  I love to see bold movements and primary or vivid colors in my designs. Straight façade represents that I love strong feelings.  The personal voice drags me to be interested in hard materials rather than materials which have softness and subtlety.  I like the positive, strong, and impactful energy from primary colors as well.  A Subject related to art is another interest of mine. Art exhibition and installation drag my attention. To me, working on them gives me a chance to be an artist. Using art to develop my design turns to be a personal characteristic; one example is sketching or hand making is used for design developing.

Week 1 


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