Alex Fischer GP

Assignment 1.0 – Dream Job

Bernhardt Design

Assignment 1.1 – Understanding Yourself

Simple things done well.  I design not to set the design world on fire, but rather to design quality pieces that meet both the needs of the manufacturer and the consumer; with no need for compromise.  My aesthetics are influenced by Danish modern and French post-modern – blending simple construction with playful elements.  I consider furniture design to be a study of proportions and angles.  I rarely design furniture for the purpose of showcasing a new material or finish.   I favor subtle colors of tonal greys, dark blues, purples, and greens.  I pick natural materials of wood, felt, steel, and aluminum, and when it’s my decision I use no animal products. Despite the best efforts of many professors, I don’t feel the need for my furniture to save the world, nor do I think it needs to be revolutionary.  I strive to make simple, beautiful things that make people smile.    I value purity of form, cleverness of function, and honesty of construction.  Good design is useful, usable, and desirable.

Class 2 – Job Objective Worksheet

What is your Goal? To have a career as a production furniture designer.  Continual work is much more important to me than money or fame.

What is your dream company, and what kind of projects do they produce? Bernhardt Design – Produces high-end contract furniture for North American market.

What is your starting position at the firm? Freelance Designer

 How does your current skills can contribute to the firm at the initial position? I can bring younger, cleaner perspective to their aging designers.  I understand the product development side better than most designers my age, and will be much easier to work with as a result.

What kind of skills are lacking from your current portfolio? Sofa collection and large tables.

What kind of skills and experiences do you want to gain from the firm in 3 years? Would like experience bringing 1 to 2 products to production, showcasing at Neocon, meeting with salesstaff and the requirements and politics that go with all the work after the design.  Would also like to gain experience from our interactions on contracts, specifying, and dealing with clients.

How do you think the future employer should view your portfolio? Practical and feasible, but fresh, young, and clean.

Assignment 2.0 – Objective

Assignment 2.1 – Grand Design

Website Layout_Alex Fischer

Assignment 3.0 – Precedent Website



Assignment 3.1 – Updated Mockup

Website Layout 1

Assignment 3.2 – Sample Project Page

Website Layout 2

Website Layout 22

Assignment 4.0 – Research Diagram (ruined a bit by web-safe colors) afischer_assignment4 Assignment 4.1 – AI Practice Alex-Illustrator Practice   Post-Midterm Questionnaire

  1. List all the comments from the review.

Ο – Simple, Clean, Clear – relates well to your design style

Ο – Some Post Rationalization would be nice.

Ο – Perhaps a Sketch Cloud.

Ο – Or showing parts of prototyping

Ο – Maybe show process as a minimalist lightbox.

Ο – Since prototypes are usually not the last step, maybe show them in the process section.

Ο – Good Hierarchy and alignment

Ο – Consider making the site wider – 700px might be too small

 Ο – Look at iPad proportions (4:3)

Ο – Conversely, beware how much you’ll actually be able to see at once

Ο – The navigation bar should be smaller.

Ο – They like the iso pictograms.

Ο – This can be done more effectively by exporting pngs from illustrator and then downsampling them in photoshop.

 2.   Circle the comments you agree with.

 3.   Draw triangles to comments you disagree with.

 4.   What part of portfolio was working well?

 They seemed to think I was on the right track with some ways to improve it.  I actually agree with all the comments I received, although some I’m more excited about than others.

 5.  What part of portfolio do you wish to improve?

 I want to improve the targeting, but more than anything I want to tackle the breadth of projects, and then go back in for the depth.  I will likely have twice as many projects as any other students in our class, so I think I need to start working on the renderings and organization and pictograms and get the website built out to all the pages, and then go back over and fine tune what process to show.

 6.  How will you change your direction based on input?

 I like their solution of photograph of real thing versus renderings.  Showing the real thing as part of process makes me more comfortable since I am always slightly evolving the design.

 7. What are the next steps in your portfolio?

  1. Finish KIS chair collection and CNC table collection.
  2. Print out 3x4s of all your projects and cut them out so you can lay them out and decide whats going in and what’s coming out of the website, pdf portfolio targeted at Bernhardt, and book for ICFF.
  3. Create website to roughly the level that was shown at midterm, with the easier changes complete.
  4. Design book and pdf portfolio for ICFF
  5. Design business cards
  6. Go back and build out post rationalizations and organize process better for website once the book is ready.


End of Term Deliverables


Print Portfolio

ICFF Portfolio 2014

Business Cards

cards cards2

Grad Show Photos IMG_20140417_111501195IMG_20140417_111405248 IMG_20140417_111501195 IMG_20140417_111453904_HDRIMG_20140417_112322542 IMG_20140417_112313334 IMG_20140417_112310036 IMG_20140417_112304637 IMG_20140417_112300732_HDR IMG_20140417_112250720 IMG_20140417_111839416 IMG_20140417_111833936 IMG_20140417_111828772 IMG_20140417_111813503 IMG_20140417_111736218_HDR IMG_20140417_111732007_HDR IMG_20140417_111726709_HDR IMG_20140417_111721135 IMG_20140417_111711095 IMG_20140417_111702060 IMG_20140417_111655976 IMG_20140417_111641826 IMG_20140417_111632907_HDR IMG_20140417_111621593 IMG_20140417_111612360_HDR IMG_20140417_111549003 IMG_20140417_111544529 IMG_20140417_111544529 (1) IMG_20140417_111537725 IMG_20140417_111533117_HDR IMG_20140417_111527716_HDR

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