GDP 2015 SP Week 04

Assignment Reviews

Assignment 3.0 (Individual) Exhibition Concept

Come up with 3 distinct design directions for your exhibition.  Put together precedents, research, concept, and sketches for each in 11×17″ paper, and have it printed (x3).

Assignment 3.1 (Group) Cleaning 105

Work on assigned task for cleaning of 105.

Assignment 3.2

Do a research on web template sites, choose one format, and sketch a menu structure.

Cleaning of 105 W03


Group A Wall

  • Call drywall contractor, get an estimate, and agree on the cost.
  • If not agreed on cost, get drywall repair material and clean 24″x24″ are which is the worst.

Group B Floor

  • Research how to remove paint off the floor.
  • Get cleaning supply, and clean up 24″x24″ area which is most affected.

Group C 3D model and drawing

  • 3D model the space
  • Draw 2D and print them out on 36×24″ sheet.
    • Plan
    • Elevations
    • RCP

Week 4 105 cleaning plan

Exhibition Discussion (Whiteboard session)



  • Exhibition Type
  • Group Concept
  • Buildout

Exhibition Booth Template


Download .3dm file here

Website Desk Crits


  • W05
    • Website Progress
    • Exhibition Design Progress
    • Photoshoot
  • W06
    • Personal Branding Workshop with Guest Lecturer
  • W07
    • Exhibition Concept Final
    • 105 Fully Cleaned
  • W08
    • Personal Branding / Website Review
  • W09
    • Exhibition Design Final
    • Material Purchase
  • W10
    • Representation Diagrams
    • Production
  • W11
    • Production
  • W12
  • W13


Assignment 4.0

Based on the discussion, refine your exhibition direction to one concept.

Print on 11×17″ and present to class next week.

Assignment 4.1

Sketch your exhibition booth

Assignment 4.2

Web page Sample.

Build a page for one project / mock up or template

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