GDP 2015 SP Week 03

Review of W02 Assignments

Assignment 2.0

Revise your concept diagram, using Illustrator, and print it out on 11×17 color.

Assignment 2.1

Pick 4 to 5 exhibition design precedents.  Summarize  them using following categories.

  • Concept
  • Target Audience
  • Exhibition Style
  • Construction
  • Medium

Cleaning 105

Concrete floor



105 Cleaning Schedule

For W4:

  • Group 1:  Test clean wall
  • Group 2: Test clean floor
  • Group 3: Produce floor plan and 3D model

Lecture on Website



Sample Sites

Exhibition Direction Discussion

White board Session

What is this class’s identity as a group?

Assignment 3.0 (Individual) Exhibition Concept

Come up with 3 distinct design directions for your exhibition.  Put together precedents, research, concept, and sketches for each in 11×17″ paper, and have it printed (x3).

Assignment 3.1 (Group) Cleaning 105

Work on assigned task for cleaning of 105.

Assignment 3.2

Do a research on web template sites, choose one format, and sketch a menu structure.



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