ENV 7 SM 2014 W02

1. Statement paper / Designer One Sheet

(11 x 17, portrait format, 1 copy. Post over your work area)
Write one page that describes / evaluates yourself as a designer about to be begin their career as an environmental designer. Write this as a reflective piece as well as one that promotes your interests and abilities.

Take a photo of your yourself: Create a self portrait, so to speak of you now at 7th term.

2. List at least 5 – 7 design firms

that you’d like to work for or whose work inspires you. (11 x 17, portrait format 1 copy. Post next to your statement paper)

Why does the direction of the studio appeal to you? How is it inline with your personal direction.
Include their full name, photos of their work, web link and contact info and why this firm is a good fit for you.

3. Choose 1 project to move forward with Project Definition and Research

Develop the area that you’ve chosen with the following deliverables in mind: Typologies and Case Studies



What is the type of design project you are doing (in general terms). What is the history of your type / hybrid of project? Document this. Then select 2 design projects (case studies) that have some relevance to your proposal. Explain why they are relevant and document them graphically.

What is it? – Project Statement

Clearly define your project in a no more than 2 sentences.
It can be positioned as a thesis statement or simply a definition for a design problem for a specific environment or community.

Who is it for? – Target Research

Who is the target audience, user, market? What is their profile? Be very specific.

Where is it? – Site Research

Where is your project located? What impact does the location have on your particular problem? What are the surrounding businesses like. What kind of synergy does it create?

Why is it important? – Concept Statement

Your project should be a manifestation of some beliefs and opinions you hold. It should have an agenda, something it wants to change or inform – within a community or environment.

Due Week 3

Board Research and Definition / Presentation

Create your wall / board presentation that clearly defines and explains your project. It must have the look, feel and attitude of your area of exploration and include all research elements for Phase 1 and 2

Use headings and graphic hierarchy to communicate your project.
Move beyond 11 x 17 print outs to create a montage. Pose questions.
We should visually get the spirit of your project by a quick view of your wall.
Write a short paragraph of what your conclusions are, an itemized list of what you’ll need to progress.


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