ENV 7 SM 2014 W01

Summer 2014

Environmental Design Degree Project / Development

Due Week 1 @ 2pm Wednesday, May 14th

Some of you have already a project being developed, or a good idea of what you’re headed. That’s great and I’d like you to share that with us for the first meeting. For everyone, please take the time to reflect on and answer these questions. This helps me as we proceed through the term.

1. Self Evaluation / Goal setting

Answer the following questions (8.5 x 11 format, 1 copy to give to me. Can be handwritten). Please take time to reflect on these and add any additional thoughts that might help our discussion in crafting and defining your project. We will discuss / share in class as a group.

What are you interested in?

What areas of design have been the most meaningful to you / inspired you at Art Center? Why have you responded to them? What areas of design are you NOT interested in?

How do you think?

Are your strategic: mapping out a specific process? Or more of self discoverer: following a path that’s uncharted?

How do you work?

Sketching by hand / working digitally / working 3D with study models? How would you evaluate your skill level? What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses?

What kind of work do you want to pursue when you graduate?

Do you want to work for a firm? Do you see yourself pursuing your own work and perhaps opening your own firm or consulting?

What are the most important issues an Environmental Designer will address 2014 and beyond?

How do you see yourself personally impacting the world / contributing as a designer?

State your areas of interest and describe the kind of project you’d like to pursue. Your project should help fill out your portfolio to represent you more accurately, now as you prepare to graduate, or it should reflect an area that you’ve wanted to explore but not been given the time to. Above all, it needs to reflect YOU and PUSH or break the boundaries of that area of design. So, now it’s time to propose….

2. Potential Projects Propose 3 projects

You can find a similar project that exists or share a project that you’re considering for your degree project.

You’ve been thinking about it – let’s get it on the table

Each idea doesn’t need to be specific, but rather reflect the area(s) you’re interested in.

Be relevant Explore issues an Env Designer might engage in for 2014 and beyond. Be provocative and look for issues or trends that are driving culture and breaking new ground. Make a difference…

Look at fastcompany.com or fastcodesign.com or other blogs that are suggesting trends in business, lifestyle and culture

Some projects might be hybrids.

For example, past projects have included new ways of looking at: Home healthcare / dealing with aging populations Elementary school education / new space / learning paradigms Sports Arena / velodrome racing with a digital track / new technology Cultural centers / communicating cultural values in a new Chinatown Home office / working in rentable spaces – synergy of collaboration Community restaurant / making use of discarded food

Event space / customize your own party Felt & Wood veneer panel system / customizable for home and industy Residential / re-examining what it means to be ‘home’ Exhibit / teen pregnancy in Los Angeles Dog shelters / animals at risk / neighborhood involvement

Create at least 2 pages (11 x 17, portrait format) for EACH project that describes your direction, with supporting photo / graphic images. You will post these for

AND include your 3 projects DIGITATLLY in your Portfolio presentation (see below)

2. Share your current work: Portfolio

Create a digital presentation (pdf) of 10 – 15 images of your current work from your portfolio for us to project and share. Be prepared to talk about how it reflects you today and, in the future how you’ll talk about it to potential employers.


For W02

1. Statement paper / Designer One Sheet

(11 x 17, portrait format, 1 copy. Post over your work area)
Write one page that describes / evaluates yourself as a designer about to be begin their career as an environmental designer. Write this as a reflective piece as well as one that promotes your interests and abilities.

Take a photo of your yourself: Create a self portrait, so to speak of you now at 7th term.

2. List at least 5 – 7 design firms that you’d like to work for or whose work inspires you. (11 x 17, portrait format 1 copy. Post next to your statement paper)

Why does the direction of the studio appeal to you? How is it inline with your personal direction.
Include their full name, photos of their work, web link and contact info and why this firm is a good fit for you.

3. Choose 1 project to move forward with Project Definition and Research

Develop the area that you’ve chosen with the following deliverables in mind: Typologies and Case Studies

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