DP TAMA 2013FA Week 12

Assignment 11.0

Build a schedule for final production

Assignment 11.1

Communication design draft

 Next Week’s Student Presentation


4 Animation

  1. Camera Animation
    1. Draw multiple cubes
    2. Create destination  point
    3. Create camera path
    4. Run “Path Animation” command
    5. Set up as 150 frames
    6. Preview Animation

Final Deliverable for DP Tama



  • 24″ x 24″ base painted white with team logo lasercut
  • 10 pieces of digital fabrication model

Object Renderings

  • Render each object with materials
  • Render objects in groups
  • Render the whole set

Environmental Renderings

  • Render a few views with view match
  • Composite the image with pictures to show real usage

Communication Design

  • With 4-6 slides, communicate your concept about tableware related to the main project

Communication Design Lecture + final


production schedule

Lab Session

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