DP TAMA 2013FA Week 09

Student Presentations

W8 Tomoyo
W9 Soeun

Review of W8 Assignments

Assignment 8.0

  1. Create a table that goes with the canopy created in class
  2. Create a plate that goes with the canopy created in class

Assignment 8.1

Bring your design sketches for your Pacific Rim Studio x10

New typology of biomorphic design



Digital Native


Waratah 3D printed Lamp


Array Polar

  • Using Array Polar Command, create complex repetitive form

4.  T-Splines Advanced Tutorial 2

  • Create network of curves.
  • Try TS-Pipe command

3D Printing Tutorial


  • How to export
  • How do you know the pricing (Volume Command)

Assignment 9.0

  • Build 3 types of plates from 10 sketches on Rhino
  • Render each, and post the images on the site

Assignment 9.1

  1. Create one 3D printed model per team
  2. Model scale to be within 5x5x2″
  3. Keep the model under $50.
  4. Bring the model to next class.
  5. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to your page.

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