DP TAMA 2013FA Week 04

Student Presentation

W4 Toto

Assignment 3.0

  • Create your version of Bridge.
  • Use the same land / road setting as Erasmus Bridge exercise
  • Use boolean, lofting, and other techniques that you learned in the class
  • Render 4+ views and upload them to the site
  • Get inspired by the slides 

Assignment 3.1

  • Create an everyday object #2.
  • Use boolean technique to create a complex object.
Mafoombey / Martti Kalliala, Esa Ruskeepaa, with Martin Lukasczyk, 2005

Example on stacking architecture:


Loft Loft Loft!

  1. Open “W03_LoftExercise”
    1. 01 Loft 01
    2. 02 Vertical Loft
    3. 03 Loft With Solid
    4. 04 Sweep

Form making exercise

  • Object size 8″x4″x8″
  • Create a bounding box
  • Create a double-sided surface
  • Loft between edges and join to create closed polysrf
  • Draw lines at 1/4″ increment
  • Project lines
  • Move away closed curves in order
  • Layout on 32×18″ lasercutter size


Assignment 2.0

  1. Model a 10x4x10″ form based on inspiration from one of your field images.
  2. Render 2+views and upload images to your page.

Assignment 2.1

  1. Create cardboard stack model from Assignment 2.0 model.
  2. Bring the model to next class.
  3. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to your page.

Next Week’s Student Presentation:

W5 Risa

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