Satoko Yoshino DPTAMA

object1 object2 object3 object4 placementinside table4inside table1 inside table2 inside table3  inside table62 31459964_532359836842582_910203369_nmiddish middish3W4 my blidge3 W4 my blidge1 W4 my blidge4 W4 my blidge2 W4 everyday object3 W4 everyday object 2 W4 everyday object huraigaeshirumpshade3 rumpshade2 rumpshade daily rhino2 daily rhino3Rhino-50fbuilding2 Rhino-50fbuilding Rhino-50fbuilding3 Rhino-50fbuilding4 Rhino-Extrude Rhino-loft Rhino-Revolve Rhino-Sweep Rhino-Extrude923351_461072867304613_349169102_n

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