Andy Huang DPTAMA

1 Final Final2 render2 ren 3 render1Presentation Presentation12013-10-23 00.50.57 2013-10-23 00.51.31 boat render 1 boat render 2 section render 2render1 render2 render3 2013-10-08 22.09.20 2013-10-09 11.22.25 2013-10-09 11.22.49W1_A1_Extrude W1_A1_Loft W1_A1_Revolve W1_A1_Sweep1 W1_A1_Tower_Front W1_A1_Tower_Perspective W1_A1_Tower_Right W1_A1_Tower_TopHW_Webcam HW_IKEA Light HW_BossSpeaker HW_Pendant Light 1 HW_Pendant Light 2Candle 1 Candle xBridge Render 1 xBridge Render 2 xBridge Render 3 xBridge Render 4

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