DP02 SP2012 Week12

1 Review of W11 Assignment

  • Present final animation draft.
  • If not presented at the beginning of class, students need to present at the end of class.
  • Approval of animation draft is mandatory
  • If students need to re-submit, deadline is Friday 4/6 11:00pm via youtube and email.

2 Between W12 and W13

  • Final render rendered animation scenes @1024×768
  • Finalize diagram scene
  • Finalize still image scene
  • I will give you some time to edit in After Effects in class in W13

3 Desk Crits

  • 1″=1′ model fabrication strategy.
  • Animation approval

Final requirements

  • 1-2 minute composite animation @ 1024×768 (iPad 2)

  • 1′=1″ Section model of key moment

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