DP02 SP2012 Week11

1 Desk Crits

  • Camera path approval
  • Storyboard approval
  • Key moment and fabrication

2 T-Splines detailed modeling self tutorial

3 T-Splines Sofa Charrette

Zaha Hadid Sofa for B&B Italia

  • Design an 3-seater sofa with ottoman
    • The sofa needs to be capable of 4+ seating configurations.
    • Render 4+ views, and sketch or photoshop people with different seating patterns.
    • Post processed images on the website.

4 Helicopter & Charrette Presentation

Bar Counter by Zaha Hadid

Assignment 11.0 Animation Draft

  • Elements Animation Draft

    Rhino rendered animation clips

    • Camera movement and pacing needs to be final
    • Consider transition between diagram sequence and key moments
    • Just shaded view draft is fine at this point

    Key moments [still images]

    • Select several key moments of your store.
    • Format can be rendering or sketch.
    • This still image needs to have a lot of detail, like photoshop people, color, material, and etc.
    • For next week this is can just be simple sketch as placeholder.

    Birds-eye-view Diagram

    • You need to explain several key information about your project:
      • Circulation
      • Floor area
      • Programs
      • Zoning
    • This doesn’t need to be final for next week, come up with sketch, screen capture, or something to fill the place.


    Please rough edit the entire sequence in After Effects.  At this point, smooth opacity transition is not required.  Timing and pacing is very important.  If you don’t have a particular scene, just fill it in with simple sketch or screen capture.

Assignment 11.1 [Extended]

retail interface

  • Section Model
    • 3D-Model your section model in Rhino.
    • Render and post 4 images on the website
    • Also upload sketches or diagram for section model fabrication idea.

Final requirements

  • 1-2 minute composite animation @ 1024×768 (iPad 2)

  • 1’=1″ Section model of key moment

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