DP02 SP2012 Week10

1 Review of W09 Assignment

Assignment 9.0:

  • Build your midterm (or current) 3d model in Rhino.
  • Render 4 still views and upload it to the website.

Assignment 9.1:

  • Find a video which tells a story about space.
  • Find 1 minute sequence that you like, and play it from the cue.
  • Present the movie with your view of what the movie is trying to communication about space.
  • Here are several examples:

Assignment 9.2:

  • After Effects 101

2 Rhino + After Effects in depth tutorial

3 T-Splines detailed modeling self tutorial

4 Desk Crits

  • Review of ENV2 model
  • Animation ideas
  • Key moment and fabrication

Assignment 10.0

  • 1:00 minute(1800 frames) rendered animation @720×480 for camera path
  • No material necessary
  • Keep rendering until you get it right
  • Need to be approved by the end of week 11
  • Animation setting:
    • Shaded view animation compiled in quicktime.

Assignment 10.1

  • Finish sketched storyboard of your final animation with time
  • Things you need to capture:
    • Facade (Street View)
    • Programmatic organization (exploded axo / perspective)
    • Circulation (fly-through / diagram)
    • Key moments

Assignment 10.2

  • Bring sketch of key moment for section model.

Final requirements

  • 1 minute composite animation @ 1024×768 (iPad 2)

  • 1’=1″ Section model of key moment

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