Somang Katie Lee DP02


FinalBoard DETAIL RENDERR PROCESSFinalModel FinalModel2 FinalModel3 FinalModel4 FinalModel5


11.1 Lighting Study Model Photo


9.1 3D Printed Physical Model Photos


9.0 3D Print Model Renders

3DPrintRender 3DPrintRender2 3DPrintRender3

Midterm: Section Model Photos, 1Exterior, 3Interior

render9 render1 render6 render3MidtermSection MidtermSection2

5.1 CNC Model Photos + Renders

CNCRender2 CNCRender3 CNCModel4


CNCModel VacuumFormModel CNC+VacuumModel

5.0 T-splines Smooth Form Renders

SmoothFormRender SmoothFormRender2

4.0 Facet Model Render

Facet Capture FacetRender FacetRender2

3.1 Honeycomb Physical Model Photos

HoneyCombModel HoneyCombModel2

3.0 Honeycomb Model Renders


2.2 Field Condition Stacking Physical Model Photo

Stacking Model

2.1 Field Condition Inspiration Photoshopped Image

photoshoped rose


2.0 Stacking Model Renders

stacking stacking render stacking render2

1.2 Model Something in the World

table render

table render

table render2

table render2

table render3

table render3

table render4

table render4

table render5

table render5



1.1 Field Condition Photos


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