Michelle Sugeng DP02

Final ENV2 store composites /renderings

Facade dayDigital screen eye glasses display Eyecatwalk adam walking up

11.1 Lighting study model photos

Inspiration lamp:Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 5.59.14 AMlamp sketches


Result of my study of my inspiration lamp:

Materials that I used are mylar and clear acrylic

untitled-1811untitled-1809untitled-1823lamp poster_Page_1lamp poster_Page_2render 1


10.0 Weaving model photosIMG_1513IMG_1514IMG_1515IMG_1537IMG_1538render 1render 2render 4

9.1 3D printed physical model photos

1st print was a fail !IMG_1483

2nd print was a success 😀

untitled-9489 untitled-9490 untitled-9496


vase 1

Midterm deliverables:
Section model 

1 Exterior render
3+ Interior views

small midterm boardcatwalkposh compositesugeng-9485sugeng-9487

5.1 CNC model photos + rendersSugeng-9445Sugeng-9450

cnc 1 cnc 2

4.0 Facet model photos + rendersSugeng-9412Sugeng-9413

pepakura 1 pepakura 2

3.1 Honeycomb physical model photosSugeng-9438Sugeng-9444Sugeng-9440

honeycomb bread 2 honeycomb bread

3.0 Honeycomb model renders

2.2 Field condition stacking physical model photosSugeng-9386Sugeng-9383Sugeng-9387Sugeng-9388Sugeng-9393

2.0 Stacking model rendersbread 2bread 3bread 4

1.1 Field condition Photosimage1image2image3image4image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7

1.2 Model something in the world


chair pink 1chair pink 3 chair pink 2

DP1 render1DP1 render2DP1 render3DP1 render4Yayoi-Kusama-1

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