DP02 SP2015 Week10

Review of W09 Assignments


Lecture on Woven Architecture

Download lecture here

Weaving Tutorial

  • 1 st half
    • Create a bounding box @ 10x10x4″
    • Create an uneven cylindrical form
    • OffsetSrf with no solid by 0.5″
    • Create a 12″x12″ 2d box and diagonal lines at 1″ apart
    • Mirror the base 2d geometry
    • Use “ApplyCrv” Command to create a spiral around the form
    • Repeat the same process for 2nd geometry
    • Loft Between 2 curves
    • Render this part and post it on the website
  • 2nd Half
    • Get intersection between 2
    • Unroll srf with Curve on surface
    • Determine which side is going to be the cutout for the notch
    • Add notch cutout at midpoint of the intersection line
    • Lasercut and assemble

Assignment 10.0

Create a model through weave methodology.


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