Emily Nyburg DP02 2014SM



composites & rendersfinal composite 2key momentnew interior compositein kitchen no peoplefinal last canopyside viewbirdseye

plan, section, axon HBfinalaxon [Converted] HBfinalplan [Converted] HBfinalsection [Converted]


using CNC to form gluelam beams and fabric canopy and laser cutting for the groundIMG_1809IMG_1810IMG_1808

CNC process for final facade

IMG_1806 IMG_1805 IMG_1804

composites & rendersfacade 2model render 3model render 7model render2model render4

model render1model render 6

CNC EXERCISEIMG_1802IMG_1803IMG_1800IMG_1801photo 2-23photo 3-25photo 4-17photo 5-19mask photo1 mask photo2honeycomb R1honeycomb R2honeycomb R3honeycomb R4honeycomb R5photo 1-30 photo 1-31 photo 3-23 photo 4-15Week 3

grain render1

grain render 2 grain render 3 grain render 4 grain render 5


wk1 CE 2wk1 CE1wk1 CE3wk1 CE4wk1 CE5wk1 CE6wk1 CE7photo 5-15photo 4-14photo 2-20photo 2-21photo 1-30photo 2-19photo 1-29photo 1-28photo 3-20photo 3-2210295699_10100414623273710_6211278710891832519_n

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