Andy Gutierrez DP02 2014SM




DomoCusco_Board3 DomoCusco_Boards DomoCusco_Boards2


Section Model

P1020836 P1020838 P1020842




DomoCusco_Boards_02 DomoCusco_Boards_Print




P1020771 P1020781

CNC Model

P1020764 P1020765


3D Print

photo 3


photo 1 photo 2



honeycom_render01 honeycom_render02


P1020747 P1020748

10x10x4 Contour Model


10x10_Render_02 10x10_Render_0310x10_Render_01

P1020724 P1020725

01 Exercise Renders

Excersice_Render_001 Excersice_Render_002 Excersice_Render_003 Excersice_Render_004 Excersice_Render_005 Excersice_Render_006 Excersice_Render_007


Field Conditions

P1020226 P1020622 P1020623 P1020624 P1020625 P1020626 P1020628 P1020630 P1020632 P1020633

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