Matt Heinzler DP02


Assignment 1.1

Field Condition Photography

DP2_FC5_3 copy

DP2_FC3_2 copy

DP2_FC2_2 copy

DP2_FC1_3 copy

DP2_FC12_4 copy DP2_FC11 copy DP2_FC10_2 copy DP2_FC9_4 copy DP2_FC8_2 copy

DP2_FC6_4 copy

Assignment 1.2

Exercise Renders:

DP2_W01_render1 DP2_W01_render2 DP2_W01_render3 DP2_W01_render4 DP2_W01_render5 DP2_W01_render6 DP2_W01_render8 DP2_W01_render7

Assignment 2.0

DP2_W02_render1 DP2_W02_render2 DP2_W02_render3 DP2_W02_render4 DP2_W02_render5 DP2_W02_render6

Assignment 2.1


DP2_W02_photo1 copy DP2_W02_photo2 copy DP2_W02_photo3 copy DP2_W02_photo4 copy DP2_W02_photo5 copy DP2_W02_photo6 copy

Assignment 3.0

Cell Model

DP2_W03_cellmodel_render1 DP2_W03_cellmodel_render2 DP2_W03_cellmodel_render3 DP2_W03_cellmodel_render4

Assignment 3.1 

DP2_W03_photo1 copy

DP2_W03_photo2 copy

DP2_W03_photo3 copy

Assignment 4.0

CNC model

heinzler_CNC_render1 heinzler_CNC_render2

Assignment 4.1

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3DP2_cnc_vaccuform1


DP2_midterm_comp1_rgb DP2_midterm_comp2_rgb


DP2_technical_spread DP2_technical2_spread


Assignment 9.1

dp2_lamerender1 dp2_splinething2 dp2_splinething3

DP2_zcorp1 DP2_zcorp2


Assignment 10.1

DP2_combomodel2 DP2_fixturespread

Assignment 11.0-1 Spatial Review

ENV2_virtua_spatialreview_axon1 ENV2_virtua_spatialreview_axon2 ENV2_virtua_spatialreview_elevation-01 ENV2_virtua_spatialreview_plan-01 ENV2_virtua_spatialreview_sections


ENV2_virtua_pedestal_box-01 ENV2_virtua_pedestaldiagram


Precision Brace

DP2_bracespread1 DP2_bracespread2



DP2_final_explodedaxon  DP2_finalpres_mainboard

DP2_finalcomp1   DP2_finalcomp2

ENV2_virtuagraphics_storyboard1_dots copy ENV2_virtuagraphics_storyboard2_dots copy ENV2_virtuagraphics_storyboard3_dots copy ENV2_virtuagraphics_storyboard4_dots copy

DP2_finalsection_pix1 copy DP2_finalsection_pix2 copy DP2_finalsection_pix3 copy

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