DP02 SP2014 Week05

1. Review of W04 Assignments

Assignment 4.0

  1. Model a 10x10x2″ T-Splines smooth form based on your field image.
  2. Render 2+views and upload images to your page.

Assignment 4.1

  1. Create foam milling model.
  2. Bring the model to next class.
  3. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to your page.

Vacuum Forming Demo


3:00pm at woodshop

Skins and Bones Lecture



3. Double Sided CNC

  • Method 1 – Single Piece
  • Method 2 – Double Piece

4. The Facade Discussion with Dan and Penny

  • Based on your project, create a diagram about occupancy, and movement of performers
  • Think of this space as a extension of your retail project.

Midterm Model for DP2

1″=1′ Section Model of Facade

Size = 12″x12″4″

Assignment 5.0

A progress model of your facade with a clear idea of direction

Assignment 5.1

A Double Sided CNC model

(Pair / 1 model per 2 students)

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