Wen-Hsin Chang DP02 2013SM


photo 1

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4Week5_Model3 Week5_Model4 Week5_Model6 Week5_Model7Wk5BRender7 Wk5BRender5 Wk5BRender4 Wk5BRender2Fieldw4

wk4_2 wk4_4 wk4_6 wk4_7 wk4_9 wk4_10

Field2 wk3_2_5 wk3_2_3 wk3_2_2 wk3_2_1 IMG_4736 IMG_4735 IMG_4734wk3_1 wk3_2 wk3_3 wk3_4FieldModel01 FieldModel02 FieldModel04Design02_8 Design02_7 Design02_6 Design02_5 Pineapple4 Pineapple3 Pineapple2 Pineapple1IMG_4269 IMG_4270 IMG_0411 IMG_1847 IMG_3346 IMG_6813 IMG_6824 IMG_8573 IMG_8943 IMG_8543 IMG_0433

AngelaC_Week1Practice1 AngelaC_Week1Practice2 AngelaC_Week1Practice3 AngelaC_Week1Practice4 AngelaC_Week1Practice5


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