Hayley Chung DP02 2013SM

Assignment 1.1 – field images

IMG_1932 IMG_1933 IMG_1935 IMG_1936 IMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1944

Assignment 1.2 – Render exercise model

1 2

Assignment 2.0 cardboard render

tire_a tire_b tire_c

Assignment 2.1 cardboard model

Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-1 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-2 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-3

Assignment 3.0 honeycomb render

honeycomb_render_01 honeycomb_render_02 honeycomb_render_03

Assignment 3.1 honeycomb model

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Assignment 4.0 CNC render

cnc_-1 cnc_02 cnc_03

Assignment 4.1 CNC model

cnc_render_04 cnc_render_03 cnc_render_02 cnc_render_01

Assignment 5.0 – weaving render

weaving model_render_01 weaving model_render_02 weaving model_render_03

Assignment 5.1 – weaving model

Photo-8_16_13,-2 Photo-8_16_13,-2.48.37-PM-6 Photo-8_16_13,-2.48.37-PM-5 Photo-8_16_13,-2.48.37-PM-3

Assignment 6.0 – faceted model w/ pepakura


Assignment 9.0 – 3D prints

Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-12 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-13 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-14 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-15 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-16 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-17 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-19 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-20 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-21 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-22 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-23 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-24 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-25

Assignment 9.2 – Sun study


Assignment 10.0 – halftone render / model

halftone_render_01 halftone_render_02Photo-8_16_13,-4.24.24-PM-1 Photo-8_16_13,-4.24.24-PM-2 Photo-8_16_13,-4.24.24-PM-3 Photo-8_16_13,-4.24.24-PM-4

Assignment 10.1 (extra credit) – boneframe

Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-9 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-10 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-11 Photo-8_16_13,-2.47.34-PM-18 render_01_ render_02_

Assignment 11.0 – exploded axon

exploded axon

Final Assignments

fp OdtA5NuY3LqaqCvcSFfTkMNBs8su8LeKfc4Y21a6_nM Photo-8_16_13,-2.49.53-PM-12 Photo-8_16_13,-2.49.53-PM-14 Plan.Section View r.1 r.6 render_01 render_03__ render_04 render_05 render_07 site+render


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