DP02 SM2013 Week11

Review of W10 assignments

Assignment 10.0

  1. Laser-cut halftone pattern on 1/8″ plexiglass @10″x10″
  2. Vacum-form the cut pattern into some kind of surface.
  3. Bring the model to next class.
  4. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to your page.

Assignment 10.1 (for extra credit)

3D Print T-Splines “boneframe”

Plan drawing workflow

MAXXI Museum  By Zaha Hadid Architects-Photographs Iwan Baan-20

download 2d drawing template here

Plan drawing examples

  1. Set up a clipping plane 4′(or anywhere appropriate) above the floor line
  2. Make sure the clipping plane is set for the top view
  3. Import 2d drawing template
  4. Run “make2d” command – set “visible clipping plane” to 0.5mm, set “visible lines” to 0.13mm
  5. Change lineweights for the rest of lines
  6. For cut line, use “hatch command” to shade inside
  7. Print as pdf at scale.
  8. In Illustrator, you can select lines by >Select>same>stroke weight to adjust things.

Parts Axonometric


Parts Axo Slide

download lamp model

  1. Make a copy of the lamp object, and hide one
  2. Setup a parallel view(axonometric)
  3. Separate parts, so that parts are not overlapping in axonometric view
  4. Show original lamp
  5. Make 2D
  6. Copy 2D curves
  7. Trim everything but most outer line
  8. Separate them into 2 layers
  9. Export selected as Illustrator file
  10. In Illustrator, change lineweights and scale

Assignment 11.0

1 Plan drawing to scale printed on 11×17″

Assignment 11.1

Exploded part axonometric of your canopy

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