DP02 SM2013 Week06

Assignment 5.0

  • Create a model of Weaving structure
  • Material can be museum board
  • Post pictures of the model on the website

Assignment 5.1

Concept pitch for the canopy project


Faceted Architecture








Faceted form making exercise

  • Using T-Splines, create a form with smooth mode.  Size = 10x10x4″
  • When you finish modeling, use “Triangulate Mesh” command
  • Adjust control points so that there’s no “flat surface”
  • Use Pepakura Designer to Unroll the mesh

Desk Crits

Assignment 6.0

  • Faceted model
  • Lasercut Pepakura model on museum board and built

Assignment 6.1

  • Build your studio project in Rhino
  • Midterm fabrication mockup

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